2024 Premium Sport Cruiser

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Introducing the 2024 Sport Cruiser – a sleek and stylish light sport aircraft that’s perfect for all your flying adventures. With its state-of-the-art features and top-of-the-line equipment, the Sport Cruiser is designed to take your flying experience to new heights.




Cruiser Aircraft





Premium Options

Comes with custom paint and your choice of Garmin or HDX avionics

Aircraft Location

Woods Cross, Utah

General Information

The Sport Cruiser comes equipped with a range of options to suit your specific needs. This includes the STD/PPG, STD/EQP, STD/ING, SIS, and 1x Standard Paint Scheme, ensuring you have everything you need to take off and soar. The standard power plant features a Rotax 912ULS2 74kW/100hp engine with BC425-H auxiliary alternator and a Sensenich propeller, delivering a smooth and powerful performance.

The Sport Cruiser also comes with a range of standard equipment to enhance your flying experience. This includes flight controls on both the left and right side, adjustable pedals for both seats, 4-point seatbelts, wing lockers in each wing, locking fuel tanks (2x 57 liters), electrical aileron trim, electrical elevator trim, PTT and trim settings on the control stick, electrical positional flap setting, indicator on MFD, dual hydraulic brakes, parking brake, spats, positional, strobe and landing light, canopy sunshade, improved canopy locking with canopy lock signalization, and a 12V jack plug. The ballistic recovery system is also included for added safety.

The standard instruments on the Sport Cruiser are impressive, with 2x SkyView SV-HDX1100 10” MFD screens both with back-up battery SV-BAT-320, air data, attitude, heading reference system, SV-ADAHRS-200, SkyView SV-GPS-2020 built-in GPS, SV-MAP-270 navigation software, SV-EMS-220 Engine monitoring module, SkyView Autopilot, OAT Probe, back-up Garmin G5 Electronic flight instrument indicator, pitch trim indicator on MFD, aileron trim indicator on MFD, VHF Garmin GNC255a NAV/COM, ADSB Receiver SV-ADSB-472, transponder SV-XPNDR-261, intercom PM3000, ELT, and stall warning.

The Sport Cruiser’s design is simply stunning, with a white RAL 9016 finish and eye-catching stickers. The interior is just as impressive, featuring standard seats with leather slate grey upholstery (SLG), a matching color accent (same as accent paint), premium side panels with armrests, a premium central console, dark grey carpets, and a dark grey instrument panel and center console.

Experience the thrill of flight like never before with the 2024 Sport Cruiser. With all these features and more, the Sport Cruiser is the ultimate light sport aircraft that will take your flying experience to new heights. Get yours today for only $289,995.

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