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Experience the sheer delight of flying with the Sport Cruiser Aircraft, boasting exceptional flight dynamics, top-notch performance, and an expansive canopy that elevates the joy of being airborne. Tailored for flight students seeking an affordable and enjoyable training experience, this widely favored light sport aircraft combines practicality with pleasure.

Enhanced with cutting-edge Dynon avionics and a reliable ballistic parachute recovery system, these aircraft ensure both technological sophistication and safety measures.

Not only are these light sport aircraft known for their fuel efficiency, courtesy of their lightweight design, but they also guarantee an added layer of security with the integrated ballistic parachute recovery system. Beyond functionality, they offer an exhilarating and enjoyable flying experience.


11 000 hours of service lifetime

Dream it, build it, fly it! Make it yours.


The ultimate flight training airplane

First choice for flying academies thanks to exceptional longevity and efficiency

Proven with operators all around the world

Worldwide availability and proven safety track record of smooth operation

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Best Value on the Market

Compared to average operating costs in general, Sport Cruiser Aircraft offer great savings, while retaining their high reliability. Just look at the numbers: thanks to highly effective in-house development, easy and undemanding maintenance, very low number of life limited parts and no need for special airframe checks at the manufacturer, we have been able to cut the costs by a large margin.

  Hours Certified Airframe

With a proven lifetime of 11,000 flight hours, almost double the standard among Light Sport Aircraft, and based on the results of fatigue tests performed in very close cooperation with specialist from Brno University of Technology, Sport Cruiser Aircraft are one of the most durable planes on the market.

Large Fleets, Large Savings

Thanks to their longevity, operating fleets of Sport Cruiser Aircraft will drastically cut your long-term operating costs.

An Aircraft for Life

In executive and recreational use, there’s next to no chance you’ll ever exceed the 11 000 hour lifetime of your airplane.

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